Fotottocento è un negozio che vuole dare, a chi è interessato alle immagini storiche, la possibilità di trovare quello che cerca con riproduzioni fotografiche su carta cotone o carta fotografica Kodak ad altissima definizione e qualità, per assicurare una resa fedele ed una certificata durata nel tempo.

Le tecniche fotografiche dell'800 sono instabili nel tempo, temono la luce, l'umidità e altri fattori che ne escludono una piacevole fruizione, ma allo stesso tempo permettono ingrandimenti dettagliati fino a formati veramente grandi.

Fottocento si propone il compito di sopperire alla instabilità dell'oggetto dando la possibilità di una giusta visibilità alle immagini dell'Ottocento e dei primi del Novecento.

Fotottocento wants to give the possibility to people who are interested in historical images to find original old photos as well as their photographic remakes on cotton paper and Kodak paper with high definition and great quality for a long lasting durability.​
The photographic techniques of the 1800s are unstable over time, causing the photos to be sensitive to light and humidity, however, they allow detailed enlargements up to very large sizes.​

Fotottocento proposes the task of making up to the instability giving the right visibility to the images of the 1800's and the early 1900's.

ROME may be called the Eternal City, but that doesn't mean it never changes. Over the centuries, the city has never stopped evolving, every layer of civilization in its nearly 3000 years of uninterrupted inhabitation leaving its trace on the urban fabric. We may not have the opportunity to go back in time and see with our own eyes what this magical city looked like 200, 500 or 1000 years ago, but we can admire photographs that have captured it as far back as the mid-1800s.
For a different kind of souvenir, Fotottocento, located around the corner of Vatican, has a vast collection of both historic photos of Rome as well as countless other subjects. Retouched photographic reproductions in high-definition can be printed onto high-quality cotton paper for a unique gift or a memory of your trip. Serious antique photograph collectors can make an appointment and spend as much time as they like pouring through the archives of original antique photos, which are also for sale.​​

1880 c.

albumen print

USA 1850 c.

dagherrotipo / daguerreotype

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